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I'm Matt. Thanks for visiting my website. I made this website because I enjoy writing code and sharing things that I've built. Read more about the site and me on the About page, or start exploring some of my work with electronics on the Projects page. Wanna know what I'm working on now? Check out my projects Wordpress blog!

Some things I'm proud of!

  • I've shipped over 50 orders and sold over 150 units of my Atmega328p Breakout Board on Tindie!
  • My Arduino Light Show Project was featured by Adafruit on their "Community Corner" feature in 2013, and again in 2014 for Arduino Day!
  • I've volunteered to instruct people how to solder at Toronto's annual Maker Festival (formerly Toronto Mini-Maker Faire)! Volunteering at the Maker Festival in 2016 marks my third year participating!
  • I built this website mostly from scratch, with an administrator panel that makes it easy to manage the content. And, as with many things, I'm completely self-taught in designing and coding websites!

Find me elsewhere on the internet..

/mwhprojects: mwhprojects.wordpress.com
/mwhprojects: instagram.com/mwhprojects
/coastercircuits: instagram.com/coastercircuits
/mwhprojects: github.com/mwhprojects
/CoasterCircuits: youtube.com/channel/UCu8A5L4h-z7JaJD5eFSwBEw