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About MWH

Hello! I'm Matt. I like to experiment and make fun things with electronics.

My educational background includes a 3-year college diploma from Seneca College in Electronics Engineering Technology, with a focus on Control Systems. I also have a couple of certificates in Programmable Logic Controllers from George Brown College. My employment history continues to grow with experiences that involve providing superior customer service, as well as careful attention to detail. I spent four summers working at an amusement park, having fun with guests, garbage cans, and feisty Canadian Geese. I am currently working at a plastics manufacturing company, a position that involves many measurements and using tools that are older than me.

I began making websites when I was still in elementary school, though I tend to not really count the early years because of how bad they were. (There was a time I designed and uploaded webpages made in Microsoft Word...) Nearing the end of high school and through college, I sat down and started learning programming languages for webdesign, such as PHP. Coding websites has become a fun and rewarding time-wasting hobby.

Outside of programming and electronics, I love the amusement park industry. I follow what's new and exciting at amusement parks around the world and hope to eventually start visiting some of them in the future. I write about my visits to Canada's Wonderland and thoughts on the industry on my own amusement park blog at CoasterCircuits.com.

About MWHProjects.com

MWHProjects.com has been online since 2015, providing links to my mini-websites for some of my featured projects. Additional information, including construction updates and technical notes on my projects, can be found on the MWH Projects Blog, a blog hosted on Wordpress.com.

Version 4.0 of MWHProjects.com, the version you are viewing right now, is meant to take it a few more steps farther than this site has ever been. Instead of simply linking to just a few projects that happen to have their own website, I wanted this version to offer more information about more of my projects so that you don't have to go elsewhere to find out more. More thought has gone into the design and functionality, especially behind-the-scenes where it's a lot easier for me to add and edit content.