NOTICE: Data is no longer being uploaded as this project has ended. You can get the code for all versions of the project on GitHub.

ESP8266 Live Demo
What is this?

This page displays data sent to the internet from an ATmega328p using an ESP8266 wifi module. The system is sending values from a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a photoresistor.

The data is sent to Thing Speak which is the service that is providing the line graphs below. Click here to view the channel at Thing Speak.

The data is also being sent to my webhost ( which inserts the values into a MySQL database. The table below displays these values. The database has a total of 3067 entries from 11 different days. The table below is currently limited to showing the 25 most recent entries.

A few notes: Because the system is sending data to two places (Thing Speak and my webhost), the system has to close the first connection and open a new one. Sometimes it has problems doing this so the two data streams may not line up completely. Also, the fahrenheit values are converted by some PHP code, not the ATmega328p.

Where can I get more information on this project?

The Arduino and PHP files are on GitHub. My blog has progress updates on this project, including information on the hardware.

Last Day Stats

Last day with recordings: 02/02/2015

Average temperature on this date: 21.20°C
Highest temperature on this date: 22.40°C
Lowest temperature on this date: 19.80°C

Average humidity on this date: 31.15%
Highest humidity on this date: 34.30%
Lowest humidity on this date: 29.00%

02/02/201514:29:4420.5°C / 68.9°F29.9%768/1024
02/02/201514:26:0220.4°C / 68.72°F30.3%770/1024
02/02/201514:22:1920.5°C / 68.9°F29.8%770/1024
02/02/201514:18:3620.6°C / 69.08°F29.3%773/1024
02/02/201514:14:5420.4°C / 68.72°F29.4%771/1024
02/02/201514:11:1320.5°C / 68.9°F29.4%770/1024
02/02/201514:07:2820.7°C / 69.26°F29.2%773/1024
02/02/201514:03:4620.8°C / 69.44°F29%780/1024
02/02/201514:00:0320.8°C / 69.44°F29%784/1024
02/02/201513:56:2020.6°C / 69.08°F29.3%792/1024
02/02/201513:52:3820.7°C / 69.26°F29.4%797/1024
02/02/201513:48:5520.8°C / 69.44°F29.2%799/1024
02/02/201513:45:1220.8°C / 69.44°F29.2%795/1024
02/02/201513:41:3020.6°C / 69.08°F29.3%796/1024
02/02/201513:37:4720.7°C / 69.26°F29.3%798/1024
02/02/201513:34:0420.8°C / 69.44°F29.4%791/1024
02/02/201513:30:2220.9°C / 69.62°F29.2%784/1024
02/02/201513:26:3920.9°C / 69.62°F29.6%790/1024
02/02/201513:22:5620.6°C / 69.08°F30%789/1024
02/02/201513:19:1420.7°C / 69.26°F30.1%796/1024
02/02/201513:11:4920.9°C / 69.62°F29.2%799/1024
02/02/201513:08:0620.7°C / 69.26°F29.4%802/1024
02/02/201513:04:2320.8°C / 69.44°F29.4%806/1024
02/02/201513:00:4121°C / 69.8°F29%814/1024
02/02/201512:56:5821.2°C / 70.16°F29.1%823/1024