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Arduino Light Show Project

Inspired by fountain and special effect shows, I've been doing my own small light shows for years. This project is never ending in that I'm always thinking up new ideas on how to make the show bigger and more impressive than the last.

Read more about the Arduino Light Show Project Visit the Arduino Light Show Project website launch

VB Interface for Arduino Tutorial

A tutorial on how to make a Visual Basic program that can communicate with an Arduino via serial connection. This was more of a website-building project for myself that happens to offer some information people seem to be looking for.

Visit the VB Interface for Arduino Tutorial launch

Bluetooth Speaker

A DIY Bluetooth speaker with quality that you'd expect from a DIY Bluetooth speaker.

Read more about the Bluetooth Speaker

Buzzer Box

Beep beep beep! This project is a throwback of sorts to my very first childhood electronics project.

Read more about the Buzzer Box

Cardboard Bots

My go at obstacle-avoidance robots involved cardboard, tape, and silly smiles.

Read more about the Cardboard Bots

Clock Project

A custom-designed digital clock.

Read more about the Clock Project

Electronics Engineering Reference

A Windows program full of information and tutorials on electronics.

Read more about the Electronics Engineering Reference Visit the Electronics Engineering Reference website launch

ESP8266 Monitoring Project

Sending temperature, humidity, and light sensor values to the internet and, thus, the world!

Read more about the ESP8266 Monitoring Project Visit the ESP8266 Project Data website launch

Light Timer Project

Powering on a set of lights to guide the way at a certain time early in the morning.

Read more about the Light Timer Project

PCB Design

Ratsnest!! My adventures in designing my own printed circuit boards.

Read more about PCB Design

PLC Trainer

A simple control panel for a programmable logic controller that controlled nothing.

Read more about the PLC Trainer

Sledgehammer Model

Sledgehammer at Canada's Wonderland has been one of my favorite rides since it debuted in May of 2003. It's a mechanical giant that provides interesting sights and sounds amid the screams from riders. It's known as "that ride that's always broken" but it's a great ride when it is running. With stockpiles of foam core board, I decided to try making a model of the ride.

Web Design

Making websites is fun. Making them unnecessarily complicated is also fun.

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