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Buzzer Box


Back when I was around 11, I strolled into a Radioshack and bought some wire, a buzzer, and a battery pack. I had a weird fascination with my elementary schoolís fire alarm and wanted to recreate it. Completing the simple circuit by tapping wires together was enough to satisfy me until the project was lost. Fast forward about 15 years later, Iím revisiting the project that started it all.

The Circuit

This circuit is slightly more complicated than the original, I'd say. I used a 555 timer to get the pulse that would buzz the buzzer on and off at roughly a 50% duty cycle. In the end, I ended up using 9v instead of the original 5v I had planned, but it worked just the same.

The Build

The project was put into this small enclosure. I drilled a hole for the button that is pressed to activated the buzzer alarm.

Here's the circuit on a breadboard to test and experiment before soldering the circuit permanently.

A close-up of the circuit on the perfboard.

A close-up of my soldering.

After soldering the components to the perfboard, I soldered the buzzer, battery, and switch into the circuit.

After some musical chairs with the components, and then some hot glue, everything was set into the enclosure.

Here's the Buzzer Box in action...

A video posted by @mwhtech on

It was a simple [and useless] project but I'm the kind of person that likes to revisit the past in ways like this.